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Dynamic row number specification in Boost! Action's "Add table rows" feature

In the "Add table rows" feature, you can dynamically change the number of rows to add using the Boost! Original functions.

On this page, we introduce an example of adding rows for the number of days in the specified month and numbering them.

Checking Form Content

In this example, we have prepared a date field specifying the month, a numeric field for the row number, a date field calculated based on that row number, and a string field indicating the day of the week of that date.

Plugin Settings

Conditions for operation are that there is an input in the date field for specifying the month.

For "Minimum number of rows or calculation formula", enter the following function.

DATE_FORMAT(DATE_CALC(%Month%,"first-of-month,1 month,-1 day"),"d")

Replace the "%Month%" section with your own field code.

Please check the details of each function from the URL below.
Boost! Original functions

For "Inserting fixed values or calculation results", enter the following function.


Initialize to create a row number with the MAX function.


Retrieve the maximum value of the relevant field with the MAX function and add 1.

DATE_CALC(%Month%,"first-of-month,-1 day,%RowNo% day")

Create a date with the Month field and the RowNo field.


Obtain the day-of-week index of the created date.


Convert the day-of-week index to the day-of-week name.

Replace the "%***%" part with your own field code.

When executing multiple functions on fields within a table, the process starts with the functions in the upper row, processing all table rows, and then proceeds to the functions in the lower rows.

Please check the details of each function from the URL below.
Boost! Original functions

Execution of the plugin

In this example, we executed it from the button on the detail page.

For the background color of the table cell, please see the Boost! Style page.


While all plugins in the Boost! series can be downloaded and used for free, after a 3-month trial period, a message prompting you to purchase a license will be displayed once a day for each installed app. To use it without displaying this message, you will need to pay an annual fee of 10,000 JPY.

Check the message content

Boost! is based on a domain license, so there is no upper limit to the number of users.

The license and fee apply to the entire Boost! series, not on a per-product basis.

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For your interest

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